Roma Street Parklands — Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane, Australia

Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane, Australia

Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane, Australia

Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane, Australia

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12 Responses to “Roma Street Parklands — Brisbane, Queensland, Australia”

  1. helen Says:

    the photos are sooo cool

  2. Kamil Says:

    thanks helen, unfortunately the camera i used for macro photography broke last year, so for now I have to stick with panoramic photos… in fact i’m heading over to singapore, denmark and poland next month :D ill post photos from my euro trip after i get back down under, cheers

  3. helen Says:

    you are going to poland thats sounds cool i hope that u have a good time their
    are u do more photos coz it is soo cool

  4. Nara Says:

    The first photo is amazing. Is your sign Cancer?

  5. Kamil Says:

    Thank you Nara. My star sign is Aries. :)

  6. helen Says:

    mine is leo

  7. helen Says:

    hi to nara

  8. Nara Says:

    Hi, Helen.
    Two scenes: Fireworks and Waterfalls; Kamil if you can choose only one of the scenes to make photos, which one is your choice? why?

  9. Kamil Says:

    Thanks for the interesting question Nara. Fireworks are difficult to capture as you see them. You have to experiment with different exposure settings and probably do some blending afterwards. Unfortunately, you do not get much time to photograph fireworks. Opportunities to do so are quite few as well. With waterfalls, on the other hand, you can take your time. I have seen some really nice waterfall photos with cool water effects. So, if I *had* to choose :D I would go with the waterfalls.

  10. Nara Says:

    I thought you would photograph fireworks. It was my feeling from your photos. :) You know, there are the fireworks in Brisbane on New Year’s Eve. You’ll try shooting the fireworks. It will be wonderful photography on your collection.

  11. mitar Says:

    What program do you use to stitch together your photos for panoramic shots, or do you have a really expensive camera?

  12. helen Says:

    still cool pics

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